Foundry of Furi

Custom Application Design


This project involved researching, pitching and prototyping a mobile application. The Foundry of Furi mobile application provides many features for fans and customers to view the works of Furi, shop an online store of select artistic pieces and request custom artistic pieces to be designed and/or forged. Also, the mobile application provides a way for users to learn more about Furi and find upcoming events where Furi showcases his art in person.


This project involved starting from a customer idea and creating a project brief. A workflow and wireframe were next implemented. Finally, an interactive prototype was created.


The interactive prototype is accessible at

Lessons Learned:

This project furthered my understanding of interaction design as well as the process of moving from a concept to a fully interactive prototype:

(concept → project brief → workflow → wireframes → prototype)

I also learned that the melting point of tin is 449.5°F, which means anyone can smelt tin in their home oven! (I do not advise or promote this).